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On the move Comms is a brand awareness company specialising in both online & offline marketing, PR and event management for high profile individuals and brands. What sets us apart from the rest is our footprint in the sport industry, on both the local – South African – and International scenes.

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Rassie Pieterse


Magdél Steyn


Basil Gasparis



Here's what our clients say about us...

On the move Comms. has made a huge mark in a short period of time and I have yet to find a team as dedicated and hardworking as this. It was an absolute pleasure working with them and I look forward to many more projects with them.

Amanda, CEO, Indigo Consulting

I had the privilege of working with the On the move Comms. team on several occasions, and found their services to be very professional and effective. Their passion is evident in the results of their work.

Lizette Holl, Sport manager