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Whether you need a speaker for your conference, an MC to host your event, famous celebs and sport stars to meet and greet with, music artists to entertain, we have some of South Africa’s top talents on our books.

Marketing, PR and Publicity

Brand analysis

In a cutthroat marketplace, it is essential to go beyond the brand itself by adding value through promoting a specific idea or creating a “storyline”. A brand analysis affords the client with a comprehensive understanding of all the necessary components required to enhance the brand. These components are identified using implements such as market and competitor analysis as well as target and interest group analysis.

Corporate identity

A brand’s identity consists of a combination of multiple visual elements such as colour, design and font used for the logo as well as the website design and online media presence. Collectively, these facets communicate a business philosophy which the consumer can distinguish and identify with. A strong corporate identity promotes the company’s products and services and instils customer loyalty.

Online Presence

An online presence is the existence of an individual or business once an online search has been conducted. Creating and maintaining an online presence enhances brand exposure and reputation, and is an effective marketing tool.
Generating an online presence involves a process whereby it is essential to increase user traffic and attract attention to a personal or professional brand. This process involves web designing, blogging, SEO, pay per click marketing, social media engagement and link sharing. Utilising these avenues unreservedly will create a long-term positive online presence.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to the extent to which the brand reaches potential customers. Inclusively it involves creating a degree of brand loyalty that can be fostered on a long-term basis. Awareness is created at the inception phase of a company where the use of logo, slogan and actual products and services become vital in creating a mental association within the minds and memories of prospective customers. Extensive research should be undertaken in order to identify how to align with current market trends. The eventual goal of promoting brand awareness is to establish long-term, positive associations with customers, instilling brand loyalty.

Content marketing strategy

This approach is most commonly employed as a marketing technique. It is a means of creating and delivering worthy, appropriate and reliable content in order to attract a specific target audience. Content marketing strategy stirs consumer interest through informative, engaging material. Content marketing is successful only when consistent, high-quality content is provided. The aim of content driven marketing is to attain customers, driving profitable interactions.

Blogging and content marketing

Blogging is directly linked to the notion of content marketing. A blog is simply referred to as an often “casual” website covering posts relating to personal experiences, observations and opinions, it can however, be an efficient branding tool if managed professionally. A blog post may be used to continually engage with customers affording them information about current products and promotions. It may inform them as to recent success and goals for the future. In congruence with content marketing, blogging involves the creation and distribution of media and publishing content in order to gain and preserve customers.

Promotion and outreach

Promotion and outreach function simultaneously, to promote the success of a brand. For example, public radio stations may use a live broadcast segment to provide their audience with information pertaining to a new brand, which in turn assists with brand promotion. Effective media coverage and the promotion of products, services and events allows for successful outreach.
Promotion focuses attention on a brand’s outreach endeavours, and essentially encourages an audience to literally engage with a brand. It utilizes multiple media channels as a means of promotion, oriented towards visibility rather than information. Thus concurrently both outreach and promotion aid in brand promotion.

Integrated media campaigns

The aim of an integrated media campaign is to construct a unified message that is established and distributed across multiple platforms, such as web, film, print, audio, etc. Furthermore it includes the use of traditional content branding such as, story-telling, advertising, product packaging and more. Essentially integrated media campaigns utilizes multiple platforms to reach as many customers to achieve maximum results.

Social media management

Social media is one of the most effective ways for a brand to get more traffic and generate new leads. Having the right social media management and a presence on all major networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, is a necessity in this day and age.

Social media management assists with managing all online presences professionally and efficiently. Monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and guiding the online social presence of a brand are a few of the roles that such management takes on.

Media publicity: TV, radio print and online

Media publicity across a number of different platforms takes on the handling of a number of different tasks, from the preparation of media publicity strategies right down to the budget.

The compilation of press releases before, during and after an event is taken care of, and suitable journalists are then liaised with in order to ensure quality coverage across mediums such as TV, radio, print and online. Additional tasks such as the co-ordination of all press information and press kits as well as the setting up of interviews for speakers and press photos are also efficiently handled.

Commercial/voiceover production: planning, budgeting, voice artists/actors/extras, special effects, graphic design and jingles

All aspects of planning are carefully prepared and efficiently executed. Making use of production services that help co-ordinate everything and anything, right down to the minor details, can lift many burdens. There are a number of aspects that are essential and prevalent to a successful production – all of which are included in the production services.

Design: menu, promo materials, catalogue/brochure, signage, newsletters, banners/pop-ups and in-store promotions

By managing a brand, a number of different design aspects and elements are considered. Design is the cornerstone of branding, as one can say, as it is one of the chief frontline means of interaction between your brand and target audience. A brand functions better with the assistance of professional designing. Design also largely assists with the image of a brand.

Promotional materials: clothing, gift bags and corporate items/gifts

Promotional materials can contribute towards creating long-term emotional correlations between you and your target audience while promoting your brand at the same time. Assistance with promotional materials and sampling is offered, which includes guidelines as to what sampling entails and how to put together gifts for clients.

Presenting small tokens of appreciation to your clients shows gratitude. Assistance in corporate gifting ideas and even the arrangement of gift deliveries is offered. Get help in going the extra mile in brand awareness and professionalism by making use of promotional materials and gifts.

Extras: website design, search engine optimisation, social media consulting and image consulting

Website design refers to the development of your own promotional campaign by utilising a technological medium such as an Internet website. This can be set up to attend to your specific promotional activity needs and to suit your corporate promotional requirements.

Search engine optimisation, social media consulting and image consulting are other useful services offered which provide effective tactics to increase the promotion of your brand as well as to maintain its positive image.

Online Reputation Management

In today’s rapidly growing competitive marketplace, it is no doubt that reputation matters. It is imperative that individuals as brand owners are aware that providing good quality services is simply not enough, and that their intangible assets are simply non-negotiable. It is also very important for brand owners to understand who their stakeholders are, and to monitor what is happening within their environment in order to be proactive in response to changes affecting their stakeholders or even themselves. All of these factors contribute to the perception that is formed by the various stakeholders, leading to the individual’s reputation.

It is important that the individual understands the values, requirements and needs of their stakeholders in order to live up to their expectations and, as a result, maintain a positive reputation. At the end of the day, a good reputation is the bottom line – it will give an individual or brand the benefit of the doubt during troubled times. Corporate reputation need be strategically managed and tailored to individual stakeholder audiences.

Social media has disrupted traditional channels of influence and made way for new ones by enabling us to connect directly with relevant media, stakeholders and influencers. Our innovative services ensure that clients maintain that competitive edge while having their reputational risk managed in the 24/7 media landscape.


We conceptualise, co-ordinate and execute successful events

Building relationships with public relations and events companies that need speakers

Building close relationships with reputable public relations and events companies makes way for not only valuable public relations coverage in the press, but also creates opportunities for speakers who are fresh in the market. Seeking opportunities for our speakers at outside events is what is focused on through the creation and maintenance of positive relationships with other companies in the industry.

Creating our own events for speakers

Apart from sourcing outside opportunities for our speakers, we are also actively involved in creating our own events, which creates internal opportunities for speakers. Types of events that we specialise in putting together include:

Awards ceremonies

Professional victories need always be celebrated. Publicly recognising one’s achievements and accomplishments is an excellent way of rewarding a hard worker and also sets an example for everyone else on the team.

Fashion shows

Fashion shows are a great way for upcoming or established designers to showcase their latest designs and clothing lines.

Government events and conferences

Private events aren’t our only specialisation. Government events and conferences can be organised too.


A series of events in different places at which a company gives information to potential stakeholders is an effective method of exposure.

Team building events

Indoor or outdoor team building events are designed to improve communication skills, team dynamics and group planning.

Conferences and conventions

A conference or convention is the perfect way to gather individuals together in order to discuss or engage in something of importance. Most commonly, conventions are based upon industry, profession and fandom.

Gala dinners

From the reservation of a private room to the design of a set menu, everything can be organised to make your gala dinner a stress-free event. 

Music festivals and shows

There is no better way to showcase musical talent than to throw a music festival or show, whether it be for upcoming or established talent.

Special events

Is the event you are looking to hold not listed here? No problem – we are able to tailor any event to suit your special requirements.

Year-end functions

Celebrate the end of a successful year in style at an exciting venue that can host however many people you wish to have present.

Corporate hospitality events

Holding private events for your staff, clients and stakeholders are great for enhancing organisational communication, no matter how large your group. 

Golf days

Golf days have proven to be a fantastic way to entertain business partners and assist with corporate relationship building.

Openings and launches

A successful grand opening or launch will set the tone for the rest of your business venture. However, such events can be difficult to plan when there are so many details to consider. Handing over the planning and execution to us will ensure it’s a grand opening or launch to remember.

Success and milestone celebrations

Celebrating the success of a project or other milestones always deserve a celebration.

Entertainment combo offers

Needing more than just a speaker at an event? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Entertainment combo packages can be put together and customised to fit your event’s requirements, whether it be a speaker and master of ceremonies pairing or something a little different such a celebrity chef and musician pairing.

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